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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Which one's William S. Hart?

Lippy's driven every Library Service vehicle this morning. She's the only one who hasn't had her petrol coupons lost by Mary, who put them somewhere safe and then got distracted.


Unknown said...

Kevin Musgrove, a Nottingham garage owner, who was given an eight-year jail sentence in 2001 after £1.2m worth of cannabis was found in a property he was renting to criminals, says he arranged for friends to provide di Stefano with £45,000 after the Italian promised him he could get bail before an appeal hearing.

He claimed di Stefano, a former director of Dundee football club, reimbursed one of his friends £12,000 but has failed to return the rest.

Musgrove, who has now completed his sentence for the crime, of which he maintains his innocence, said: “He initially said he would work pro bono [for the public good, without a fee] but within a few months he was saying he needed money that would help me get bail with my appeal. We scraped the money together through family and friends because he was so convincing. Financially, it has left us in a huge mess.

“The police told me they are looking at a total of £3m that he is said to have not paid back. They said they feared for his life.”

Kevin Musgrove said...

There's always someone worse off than yourself.

I always look twice at anyone asking me for more than a fiver, let alone forty-five grand. Mind you, there are times when a fiver would have left this household in a huge mess.