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Friday, July 18, 2008

Flexible goalposts

The week before the strike, Frog checked out the position as far as part-time staff are concerned and was advised that he should tell Kitty that as she doesn't work Wednesdays she would only be docked pay for the Thursday she was on strike.

Coming back in today, Mary takes Frog to one side and tells him:

"I've been going through Kitty's clock cards and I've found that she's worked two Wednesdays in the past fifty-two weeks so she'll have to lose a day's pay for Wednesday."

"One was when she came in to do a storytime in the park for an event you arranged with the Woodcraft Folk and the other was an evening event for Senebene Library's Reading Week."

"It doesn't matter, the rules say that if she works Wednesdays she has to lose a day's pay for the strike."

"Well you're telling her that, then, because I'm not."

Like so many of the rules of personnel management we labour under in the Library Service, one strongly suspects that this would come as some surprise to people in Human Resources. We happen to know that HR wouldn't spend any time going through the clock cards because we found out the other week that we're the only part of the council that insists on archiving them "for audit purposes."

It would serve Mary right if Kitty refuses to do any more events on a Wednesday.


Lavinia said...

No good deed goes unpunished.

Gadjo Dilo said...

Kitty refuses to do any more events on a Wednesday...

Tuesdays should left severely alone (Mondays don't really qualify as a day, in my book), and Wednesdays are there primarily for recovering from Tuesdays, so Kitty is probably within her rights to refuse.