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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Slideshows in the circus of human suffering

Milkbeck Library has its centenary this week, something that has been bruited loud and hard across the whole service in accordance with our new communications strategy. Which is to say that a couple of people know about it and the party that's to be held there.

It has been decided that the two slide projectors that were unearthed when the meeting room was almost cleared for the creation of the management suite will be employed in some strange capacity. T.Aldous is surprised to find that they don't work because the bulbs are broken. Salome is running about covering two-and-a-half posts (Bronwyn having been translated into Three-jobs-rolled-into-one-and-not-just-the-Booksale-Co-ordinator and Lola being on maternity leave). So T.Aldous gives her the job of sourcing replacement light bulbs.

The first quote provided by Procurement is £200. All hell breaks loose, but the slide projectors must go on so this is given the nod by T.Aldous. Raised eyebrows in the lower ranks. Salome contacted the company that sells the bulbs and is told they'll be £6 each. Being an honest sort she doesn't try to pocket the difference.

"While you're out, could you pick up some bunting?"

Good to know we're working smarter, not harder.

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