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Wednesday, July 09, 2008


A rep. from a furniture supplier came to visit today to talk about plans for Catty Library. The plan was that he and T.Aldous would go over to Catty to rendezvous with Julia and see about putting the world to rights, given that the electricity and network points are hard-wired into the plaster in the wrong places and most of the floor is intended to be a corridor to a building that doesn't yet exist.

The chap arrives just before half nine, I take the call from upstairs that he's been put into the lift (T.Aldous having put his 'phone through to an empty office again). I tell T.Aldous that the chap is here for the meeting. T.Aldous turns on his heel and disappears into his office. Seth calls me over to say the rep's arrived. I contrive to get the rep and T.Aldous within sight and two arms' lengths. Job done.

Not quite.

T.Aldous tells the rep that they're going to Catty and Mary's accompanying them. The rep goes to get his car, saying he'll meet them up on the car park. T.Aldous disappears. Mary appears, looking for T.Aldous and the rep. She goes upstairs. T.Aldous appears, looking for Mary. We tell him she's gone upstairs to meet the rep. He goes upstairs. Fifteen minutes later we get a call from upstairs to say that the rep's waiting for T.Aldous and Mary and are they still with us. We reply that to the best of our knowledge they're up with them. Seth and Alwyn follow their spoor and find out that instead of going upstairs as T.Aldous arranged they're hanging round the back door. They go upstairs and the last we hear they managed to find their way out of the library and out to the car park.

At twenty to eleven we get a 'phone call from Julia asking if we know where T.Aldous has gotten to as they'd arranged to meet at ten. Julia's worked with him for two decades on and off and should know better.


Anonymous said...

Georges Feydeau couldn't have done better. Actually I notice a distinct similarity.

Check the image at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Georges_Feydeau.jpg

Lavinia said...

Oh! Another comedy of errors...tee hee...

Kevin Musgrove said...

Policy Group regularly do Feydeau, and only an unaccountable absence of clergymen prevents a frequent descent into Ray Cooney territory.

Unless they're what's hiding in the big metal cupboards...