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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A long-standing enigma

"How come PC 1's not got Flash installed on it?" asks Norbert.

"It ought to, it's a clone of all the other PCs."

"So why doesn't it?"

"Ah well... The same reason that PC 5 didn't have it installed on it yesterday but has it installed today and that PC 12 didn't have it before lunchtime but has it now. And why it didn't work on any of the PCs in Ref. last week but does today."

"Oh shit, I'd forgotten it gets as silly as that.

We've been promised useful developments pretty soon. The same promises as we had this time last year in the run up to moving Roadkill Library.


Anonymous said...

Have you had the one where the latest version of Flash says it's installed for some browsers but really it isn't, but it is, or not, or maybe well I don't know, and so you have to download the Adobe Flash Removal Tool to get rid of it completely (because you can't uninstall it or install it again) and start all over again? Reminds me of the square dancing over at the Conservatoire? Invigorating. I hear Adobe Reader Version 9 could be similar.

Gadjo Dilo said...

When I first read this I read Roadkill Library (which is plenty funny enough in itself) as Rockall Library - now there's a project to give to your less congenial staff members.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Major: Oh yes. It's buggered my laptop such that every time it boots up it tries and fails to install the Flash Removal Tool.

gd: I understand that Rockall's part of Sheffield City Council's mobile library route G.