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Friday, July 04, 2008

Why don't you come here on Sundays? We're closed on Sundays.

Last year Dagmar complained that there wasn't any point in having the children's performer come to Raccoonville Library in August because it was too late in the summer holiday and none of the kids would be coming in.

Frog's booked Raccoonville's entertainer for July. Dagmar has complained that it's too early because the local private school will still be in term.


Tim said...

You can't win with these things - book a quiet venue at a quiet time and you'll be inundated (and vice-versa). Attracting kids to something seems to work in inverse proportion to all expectations.

Kevin Musgrove said...

The laugh of it is that we always get the same six kids at everything at Raccoonville.

We'll be able to save the effort once they reach puberty.

Mrs Pouncer said...

I am interested that your local private school (do you mean public or independent? "Private" is not really the mot juste) will still be in term. In the Thames Valley, the independent schools all break up weeks before the state schools. It is one of life's smaller ironies that the higher the fees, the shorter the terms.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Mrs. P: for reasons which escape me entirely, our local independent schools begin and end the Easter and Summer holidays two weeks later than the state schools.

I'm not aware that the terms are any shorter, though.