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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Perplexing the minds of the fair sex

Frog sent out all the gear for the Summer Reading Challenge to the branches, including notes on who, what, where, when and, most importantly, how. Dagmar rings him up:
"Those stickers, do I give them to the kids every time they visit the library or just every time they borrow a book."

"It's like I said in the notes: you only give the stickers out when they borrow a book. It's part of the reward system."

"Well, what it is like, I've been giving them out every time they visit. At this rate I'll soon be running out of them. When are you sending out some more?"

"I won't, you've had them."

"Well, that's no good, is it?"
I suggest to him that he sends the pile of stickers from last year's Reading Challenge which Dagmar swore blind she didn't have when Frog was trying to address a late flurry of interest from children at Spadespit Library.

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Anonymous said...

we've got boxes of reading rollercoaster gubbins you can send her if you want