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Friday, July 18, 2008

We asked, you answered

I asked: "How will we use The World's Biggest Whiteboard?"
  • One poor, deluded soul thought we would be using it to map the current state-of-play of the hundred and one library projects that have been visited upon us. It doesn't really sound like us, does it?
  • Some of the more creative elements in my readership thought we'd be using it for creating a huge mural drawing of Tinga and Tucka on The Wibbly Wobbly Way. In a sane and just world, so we would.
  • In a sad reflection that my readership might have gone native, a massive 85% of you thought we'd be hiding it completely behind dirty great cupboards bought for to house pre-owned envelopes.

A moment of high culture: Willie Wombat playing the recorder!

1 comment:

Lavinia said...

I've not only gone native, I've gone bush. But the quinine in my G & T keeps the malaria away.