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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Musical tables

We're on the next phase of this summer's major project, which is the same as all the previous phases, with added furniture.

This is as good a time as any to introduce Seth's new oppo, Alwyn. Alwyn's a nice bloke who's already completely shell-shocked by the way we do things here. He's settled on a strategy of reacting to the worst by standing back, smiling and hoping it will go away. He'll go far.

Where we are now:

  • Jim's got his old desk back, moved into the new room.
  • Doreen's got the desk that was left in my office when they took Jimmy Huddersfield's desk to give to Mary.
  • Julia's got Mary's old desk.
  • Milton keeps his old desk, once Seth managed to unstick it from the lift after it got jammed.
  • Jim's old new desk is now moved out into the main office to replace Jim's new old desk.
  • Two ginormous cupboards have turned up (each twice the size of the new pre-owned envelope cupboard) and now cover up The World's Biggest Whiteboard.
  • T.Aldous' new cupboard has been unwrapped and lent to Mary "while I sort my things out."

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