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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The magic fish that eats all the spots when you've got the measles

a realistic number Daisy Dormouse asks me for a list of all the lapsed borrowers at Roadkill Library for a fines amnesty mailshot.

"If we take it as every who hasn't used the library in the past year there's 5,555 of them. Is that too many?"

"Ooh yes. We need a more realistic number than that. How about all those that haven't used the library since the beginning of this year?"

"There will be more of them: we'll be adding in the borrowers who've lapsed in the last six months of last year."

"How about all those that owe fines?"


"Ooh no..."

"What number do you want? Give me a number and I'll give you that many borrowers."

"We need a more realistic number..."

"If I limit it to just the adults below retirement age that gives us 776..."

"Ooh... No... We need something more realistic"

"And if they owe us more than a fiver that's 147."

"Can you give us that and I'll get Dotty to check them out. Then if you give her the first list she can work through it to get a more realistic number."

I send Dotty the list of 776 names and suggest that she cherry-picks from the list, stopping when she gets fed up.

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