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Friday, June 27, 2008


Quarter past eight there's a knock on the front door. The gentleman introduces himself to Noreen: "I've come for the meeting and demonstration."

What meeting and demonstration? No idea. We have numerous whiteboards, some huge and empty; calendars, diaries and post-it notes and no end of communication tools but nothing avails. The gentleman is not happy: he's travelled three hundred miles for a meeting at half-eight. A combination of coffee and professional interrogation techniques gives Noreen enough clues to surmise that he's come to see Mary about a new model Mobile Library. Conferring with Milton, who also has no idea of any meeting, they decide to install the gentleman in Milton's old office and help him sort out space for him to display his wares.

Mary, of course, arrives at twenty-five to nine and installs herself in her office with a cup of tea.

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