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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The lion was returned to its display cabinet

Catty Library staff are Not Impressed. The plan for the re-furbished Catty Library has finally materialised, six weeks after the original re-opening date.

There is not a lot of shelving. In part because somebody has decided that a strip half the width of the library shall be the walkway from the foyer to the back wall. The counter can't go in the walkway, and neither can the public computers. So everything has to be stuck against the walls.

Except for the bit of wall that has a pile of unboxed pipes for some reason or another and so can't have anything stuck against it. So that's where the counter's going to go. Despite the fact that the proposed sightlines are such that you can only see the walkway. Well, a six-foot length of the walkway, but you get the idea.

Other than the counter there are only two detailed specifics of function/service on the plan...

The two booksale points in the foyer.

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The Topiary Cow said...

There is not a lot of shelving?

And this is a library? Oooh.