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Monday, June 30, 2008

Not so bad

Only thirty boxes of kids' books incoming today, a welcome respite for Betty and Noreen. Nearly all are the fag-ends of part-orders that were delivered the other week (a pain in the arse: receiving items on an order in dribs and drabs creates at least two-and-a-half time as much work as receiving it all in one batch. If it's an order for 1,457 books that's delivered as eight batches spread over three weeks it isn't funny.) More good news is that one of the books is the other half of a problem pair caused when the electricity supply dipped in the middle of an invoice: one item's on order but apparently received and the other's received but apparently on order. For reasons which escape us all on analysis, the receipt of this book automatically sorts out the problem. Systems guy decides to thank Providence and let sleeping dogs lie.

Another highlight is the copy of "Curious George Goes Quantity Surveying" which has English text but a Greek cover. Somewhere, one hopes, there's a copy of the Greek version that has an English cover, otherwise it could all get horribly complicated.

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