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Thursday, June 26, 2008

We all needed a magic torch

So that's why Seth's been looking so smug today... The Fire Inspector's been in, had his say about box city and has told Seth:

"You're the Fire Warden. You've got the responsibility to keep the fire corridor clear."

"I try, but the managers keep over-riding me."

"You've got the legal authority to get that corridor cleared. They have no legal authority to stop you doing it. Think on that."

The Acq. Team are starting to see light at the end of their darkness (they reckon they're now only about a month behind with the workload, so long as less than fifty boxes arrive tomorow). Over the past few weeks Bronwyn's been quietly disposing of stuff that's been hanging round for a decade. And nobody's asking what happened to the sixteen boxes of children's books that went to Panama Street Library for an event and never came back. The omens are good for an entertaining "No, you can't pile a load of old desks in the corridor" stand-off during the summer holidays.

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