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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Good intentions

All credit to T.Aldous. He's sent an email to all of Policy Team saying that as far as he's concerned the workshop participants should be left to get on with their work without interference from their managers. This is doubly-surprising as not only has he said it, he seems be be sincere about it. And to be fair to the man, it's increasingly obvious that he is trying to stop micromanaging (it's often the strain on his face that makes it look obvious).

Milton and I were having a chat about this, which we both think is a pretty positive news for our chaotic change process.
"We're going over to the next workshop to let them know that they've got the permissions and authority to just get on with the work without having to keep referring back to us."

"Oh shit..."
I disagreed, at length, and intemperately, that going out to tell people that you're leaving them alone was counter-productive. Giving Milton his due, he listened despite the bad language. In the end he still disagreed with me but "people will say things to you they won't to us. Leave it with me, I'll have a chat with the others."

I hope I'm right.

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