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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Rural vastness

The project to shift T.Aldous' overspill out of the back room moves apace. It's a key element of our nod to the Framework for the Future agenda.

It's all rather splendid; the move around is for to create a management suite for Policy Team to work in so that instead of working as disparate units they might actually sort-of work as a team type of thingy. It doesn't bode well so far: they're falling out on a thrice-daily basis as T.Aldous finds increasingly desperate means of trying to stall for the status quo.
  • The old bookcases couldn't be moved because: "the Museum Services says that they're nostalgia pieces."
  • Half the room couldn't be tidied up because: "I need to check that I know where the find what I need."

And the cream of the crop:

  • Nobody could move their desks in "because they don't match."

Like anyone cares. The only things that actually do match round here are all the tatty old cardboard boxes full of stock (which makes things difficult as the brand-new stock waiting for years for Mary and Doreen to decide upon are in identical tatty old boxes to the pox-ridden old stock that's going into booksale).

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