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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The title's in the last line and I never get there

Day's worth of meeting setting up a co-operative user group for some of the systems software. Unfortunately it's being set up by librarians...

    A loooonnnnnggggg discussion on the draft constitution and its suggested amendments without recourse to any documentation of the amendments. After each rambling discussion around but not quite about the suggested amendment, and at the point at which we've all forgotten what we're talking about, the chair asked: "well, what does everybody think? Is that a yes?"

    Half an hour's meandering discussion about the name of the group. Needless to say, being librarians it has to be an acronym. This opens the usual can of worms (sigh). And then we get the "well then what does everybody think?" question which then becomes a discussion on how we'll make the decision. In the end I break and ask if it's possible to just make a list of all the possibles and then ask everybody to vote for their favourite and then go with the most popular one.

I could have this sort of nonsense without having to go and travel for it.

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