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Friday, May 16, 2008

Blake's Seven with cheaper sets

Bogged down today, delivering a bit of training. But not so bogged down to avoid getting part of the next big cock-up waved under my nose.

Catty Library has been closed for yonks for reburbishment with a view to re-opening late this summer some time. They've ripped out the electrics and the comms so that they can replace the floor, three walls and the roof. This has, of course, been a golden opportunity for us to reconsider the layout and function within the building. Except that:

  • Hours of work by highly-trained professionals has resulted in a back-of-a-fag-packet version of the existing layout.
  • The project manager from the architect's department insisted that the electricity and network points be mapped prior to plastering the wall, which was done last month.
  • The project manager didn't include costings for furniture, a new counter, etc. in the project.
  • He didn't include costings for electricity or comms. either.
So far so familiar. The options would seem to be:

  • Pay for the furniture, electricity and comms. from the People's Network networking budget, the staffing budget and the DDA funding, thus stiffing ourselves for the year but getting the project manager out of the mire.
  • Reinstalling the old (1960s) furniture; paying for the electrics and comms from the networking budget and hoping that the ensuing row shames the council into stumping up for proper replacements.
I bet I know which one they'll go for.


Anonymous said...

Just dropping by to say hello.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Hello right back, Woes!

The Topiary Cow said...

The mention of Blake's Seven has made Cow so nostalgic she can't even finish reading the post.

Ah for the days of cool colored costumes studded (at least in seasons 2 and 3) with lots 'o studs. Ah for the days of giant alien spacecraft, telepaths, and for the timeless quote , when asked what went wrong:

"I relied on other people."

Has this come out on DVD yet? Now that was a good show...


Kevin Musgrove said...

It's been on DVD a while I think.

I didn't really get into Blake's Seven: no TV at university, save the one in the junior common room (this is back in the old days when daytime TV was the test card).

The Topiary Cow said...

Ah. Well now it is probably sadly dated but it was very good for it's time.


dickie said...

just like kevin LOL!