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Thursday, May 22, 2008

National Shite Day

Here we are so far...
  • Jim can move in once the electricians have sort-of finished.
  • The electricians can carry on as planned.
  • T.Aldous' paperwork is stacked on an island unit in the back room.
  • The comms lads are installing the new network points.
  • Policy Team are discussing the orientation of their desks. According to Feng Shui principles (that's Albert Feng Shui, who runs the Pussycat Team Rooms on Abattoir Lane).
  • Mary can move in once Jimmy Huddersfield's desk is moved in there.
  • The safe (don't ask, please!) is being moved into my office.
  • Julia can move in once Mary's desk is moved in there.
  • Mary's desk isn't available because she's decided to clear out her filing cabinet, which is staying in her old office anyway.
  • Policy Team have changed their mind about the orientation of their desks.
  • T.Aldous has offered to clear his desk (ha ha ha ha!!!) and swap it with Milton so that all the desks match.
  • The bookshelves have been moved out. Except for the bookshelves that have been moved back in.

T.Aldous tells Frog:

"You need to start clearing the area round your desk. I want to put two sofas there so that people have somewhere to sit when they're waiting for me outside my office."

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