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Thursday, May 29, 2008

The anger of men with no opinions

For reasons that escape me, the facilitator for last week's staff seminar has sent the seminar worknotes to Policy Team and copied me in with a request for me to circulate them to the seminar group.

Thus it is that Policy Team has spent the past day crawling though the notes and contacting the people who have said things they don't agree with to say that they don't agree with them. When they haven't been saying that they can't understand why people say that communication and trust are issues of concern.

And so it is that I've spent the past day telling Policy Team that these are notes of a work just beginning in progress and that the next step in the seminar programme will probably involve exploring and perhaps challenging some of perceptions held by the participants. And that the practical issues flagged up as "things to do" are examples that have been flagged up so that they can explore the management processes involved in prioritising work, evaluating processes, etc.

And all the time I'm wondering why the fuck I'm the one doing this.

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