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Friday, May 30, 2008

Lucky bag

Frog's back from a SureStart meeting, bearing gifts: his sample Summer Activity Pack includes a mousemat and pen.

Mary is distraught:

"I had a meeting with them last week. Where's my mousemat and pen?"


Webrarian said...

Have you seen the lucky bag taken away after recent National Year of Reading meetings?

A yellow star-shaped stress 'ball' which the print comes off almost immediately. And a lapel pin of overwhelmingly pointlessness (other than that the pin does actually have a point on it).

That appeared to be the sum total of freebies.

Compare this with the generosity of Brussels who sent their Europe Direct centres some exceptionally nice 512Mb memory sticks, marker pens, bags, bags, bags and...bags. Oh - and lots and lots and lots of flags.

I think I shall Flickr my memory stick.

Kevin Musgrove said...

We're rather hampered by our Reference Librarians' attitude to Europe.

But we do have editions of Kompass for every European country that's existed since the Merovingians.