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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Reading Agency, sponsored by Acme Storage Ltd.

The Reading Agency and their ilk have a lot to answer for. In his "spare time" Frog's juggling a few dozen projects all with the same aim: providing books for primary school children. Which is great, and which is something we've been supporting for decades without having to buy set quantities of set books in the last two weeks of the financial year and passing the invoices when the financial systems are in fiscal year lockdown. And without having to spend time writing reports on the delivery to each Key Stage year group. Or having to remember the names, websites and passwords for half a dozen separate projects. All doing the same thing.

The Acq. Team have just negotiated their way through the forty-odd boxes of Book Off books for nine-year-olds and are now grimly looking forward to ploughing their way through the thirty-odd boxes of Book You books for seven-year-olds piled up precariously in a corner of the room because there's no room left in the fire exit corridor.

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