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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Left hand down a bit

One of the advantages of working in a library service is that the continuous exposure to all that is good and great about Western culture lends a certain felicity of erudition to the conversation.

Sybil's been complaining about the effects of a recent surgical intervention:

"I'm all lop-sided now. I'll have to get one of them chicken fillets."

"But you're vegetarian, you can't have chicken fillets. Do they do something similar in Quorn?"

"They say that a bag of water's got the same consistency."

"Aye, but just think on: knowing my luck I'd start getting fruity and the bag would burst. "

"He'd think your waters had broken."

"He'd probably think I was Mrs. Incontinent."

"How about KY Jelly? That's the same sort of consistency."

"How rock 'n' roll is that? Going into Anne Summers and saying: 'can I have a litre and a half of KY Jelly, please, I'm going to a wedding reception on Saturday.'"

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