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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Does anybody want to see a tiny hedgehog?

Good news! The gentleman that keeps looking at porn on the PCs in the children's library won't be gracing our doors for quite some time. This will come as a huge relief to staff who keep having to keep an eye on him and keep having to abruptly terminate his computer sessions ("The filtering software seems to have closed the session down. We'll have to investigate this to see why it keeps doing it to you. What site were you on at the time, sir?")

We've been trying to ban him from using the PCs for years but T.Aldous requires degrees of forensic proof of delinquency that would defeat Batman. Fortunately, the shopping centre is private premises and it has banned him from the building after finding him indulging in inappropriate degrees of attentiveness in the public toilets by the coffee shop. Good job he chose those bogs to go-a-cruising rather than ours otherwise we'd still be servicing the bugger.


The Topiary Cow said...

Amazing. It's so sad that private enterprises have so much more latitude of barring people than public places do.

Anonymous said...

bugger. it's not the pervert as comes into our library.