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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Worth more than a thousand trees
Though blossomed with silver

Milton, for some reason, has decided to try and enumerate T.Aldous' many splendours. I'll go along with it up to a point: the man is only promoted above his competence, he's not entirely stupid. There comes a point where even I will draw a line...

"He's fantastically good at making the connections between the Library Service and things going on elsewhere in the council."


"Yes. He'll find out that something's going on in the Youth Service, say, and he'll be able to see that it's something we should be getting involved in."

Back in the old days I used to do corporate information work for the council and its Policy Support Officers, so I have some views on the matter.

"All these connections... Have any of them delivered any service developments?"


"Have they delivered any project outcomes?"


"Have we acquired a reputation for picking up an idea, running with it and delivering the goods and a bit more?"

"Jesus, you are a cynical old bastard."

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Can Bass 1 said...

Greetings, Mr Musgrove. Most enjoyable blog. (I think I should have trained as a librarian.) By the way, how do you get those links thingys to appear beneath your profile (and to work, too)?
Yours most sincerely,