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Monday, April 28, 2008

You carry on, I'll do the visuals

An office move-around is in the offing. Sensible in itself as we have bags of room and people scrunched up in tight corners within handy reach of illogically-located telephone and network points.

It turns out that Mary has now decided on a use for my office. Most of us are arguing that it should be made available as a private meeting room for people doing return-to-work interviews and annual staff work appraisals which corporate Helminthdale says should be done once a year and which we now do nearly once every two years. Mary thinks it should be a "sorting-out room" for to store all the things that need to be put to one side to be sorted out. You can recite the list yourself.

Bollocks to that: "move out of your office so that we can fill it full of old crap."

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