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Monday, April 14, 2008


We can all make mistakes when we delve through our short change but I can't see a lot of excuse for leaving an old halfpenny piece in the staff milk kitty. Noreen has almost as much hassle about the milk kitty as she does about reference periodical invoices. Here's another of this morning's:

"Why do you have to go and buy another packet of teabags?" asks Mary.

"Because we've run out."

"There's some in Kevin's locker."

"That's Kevin's hospitality stash that he's bought himself so that he can make visitors a cup of tea."

"But there's already tea and coffee for hospitality. You just need to ask T.Aldous for the jars."
[Aside from the practical difficulties we shall treat this with suspicion. This comes as news to all of us: T.Aldous is always moaning that the council won't let him buy coffee and milk from a hospitality fund.]

"Obviously he doesn't know this."

"So we can use his teabags then..."

"I'll just go and buy a fresh packet."


Anonymous said...

And every week T.Aldous asks Noreen "did I pay my milk money last week?

librarylizzie said...

You know, I do miss all this. C'mon Kevin. Fancy a job swap? - you come and work for "A.N.Vendor", and I'll work in the public library....

Kevin Musgrove said...

Great Scott! Things must be bad!

Obviously gearing up for a fab 'n' groovy LiS? (-:

The Topiary Cow said...

Cow admires Kevin's secret hospitality stash. And decries forced giving into a community fund, which is usually hijacked by the most forceful personality in the office.

"Coffee fund? Well, I went and bought a red velvet cake with the money, and you all owe me another $5 bucks."

"But it was supposed to be for coffee!" wail.