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Monday, April 07, 2008

Relativity in action

Some customers test your customer care training...

Salome's on the enquiry desk in Lending all day today. She was dealing with a customer with half a dozen enquiries when another customer trotted up, made a big "I have arrived!" mime and, when it became apparent that Salome wasn't about to jettison her existing customer to pander to her she went over to the counter, complained that she'd "been waiting twenty-five minutes" and, on her return to the enquiry desk, flounced onto a nearby chair and tutted loudly.

"I'll show you where to find these books," Salome told Customer One.

At this, Customer Two tutted loudly, sighed and did that "I'm going to fold my arms and be patient" pantomime so beloved of adolescent girls.

Returning to the desk, Salome asked Customer Two how she could help.

"I've been waitin twenty-five minutes you know."

"I'm sorry about that. How can I help?"

"Is there only you on? It's ridiculous, having to wait that long."

"How can I help?"

"I reserved a book and I've been told that it's arrived."

"OK. Which book is it?"

"I've been waiting here for twenty-five minutes. How can I be expected to remember it?"

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