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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ankle-deep in King Edwards

A colleague writes:

Hello old stick,

Saw your book of the month. It will astonish you not one bit to hear that we've been going along with a P.O.W. vibe for quite a few months now. Much to my surprise, a zamizdat copy of the "Escape Committee Update" has lingered on the staff noticeboard since November. All the more amazing as our Principal Librarian insists on vetting all notices!

We were starting to build a glider in the reference library, which is on the top floor of the building. We've recently come to the conclusion that downstairs in the cellar would be more appropriate. We've also set up a dummy for to cover for absentees. It's very realistic so long as the absentees look like big orange toy sharks. Which they do, luckily.

Per ardua ad abusrdum!

I like the idea of the shark. I'll get him to volunteer a photo.

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Anonymous said...

Possibly, when I feel brave/have another job lined up!!!