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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Are mice electric?

An interesting customer in Helminthdale Library. Suzy, one of the Library Assistants, had spent an age showing her how to log onto a People's Network PC, get onto the internet and have a look round. After half an hour (which time she didn't have) she excused herself:

"I can't sit and teach you it all. I don't have time and I'm not really supposed to do it."

After a while the lady collared Andy, another of the Assitants, who tried his best to help, too. In a loud stage whisper she said:

"I'm glad you're helping me. I'll ask for you next time I come in. She wasn't any good at all, hopeless."

"Well, we're not able to teach you how to use the computer. We can try and help but we're not able to do computer lessons."

"I've come all the way from Norton Wayne. They teach you how to use the computer at Norton Wayne."

"They obviously do a good job of it," muttered Sammi.

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