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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

All torque

T.Aldous has asked Seth to put up noticeboards at Glass Road and Spadespit libraries. (You might bear in mind that Seth is the caretaker for Helminthdale Library.)

"Have you put up those noticeboards?" asks T.Aldous.

"No, I can't do it. They're brick walls and my little battery-operated drill won't do the job."

"How did you put the noticeboard up at Roadkill? That's got brick walls."

"I used my own power drill from home and bust it in the process. Remember? You said you wouldn't replace it."

"Well I need those noticeboards putting up."

"In that case, why not buy me a power drill for the caretaker's toolbox?"

"I can't do that! What's the justification for buying a power drill?"

"You keep asking me to make holes in walls."

"No, I can't buy a power drill."

"In that case you'll have to submit a request to Building Services. Once you've filled in the docket they'll charge you £30 to come out and size the job up. Usually two or three week later. Then they'll put it on a worksheet and someone will come out to do it when they're in the area and they'll charge you £75 for it."

"Well, I can't buy a power drill. Can you go out and see how you get on?"

"I've already been out and saw that I couldn't get the drill into the wall."

"Well I need those noticeboard putting up.."

And repeat...

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