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Thursday, April 10, 2008


Frog's in charge today, which is to say that he's been told to "be around the office." In the event of an emergency he is entirely empowered to do jack all except perhaps dig out the first aid box or else leave a note on T.Aldous' door to tell him that there's been an emergency and please could he deal with it now he's back in the office.

Sticking notes on T.Aldous' door is the tried-and-trusted way of keeping the service ticking over in the man's absence. It's a magical property best left unquestioned because it works perfectly.

I've just heard somebody singing (to the "Sheila's Wheels" jingle):

"If you don't want to be a whore
Stick a note on T.Aldous' door."

Lending have taken advantage of the situation. They told Seth to go missing for a while and then rang Frog up to say that a customer was stuck in the lavatory and seemed to be having breathing problems. They did an excellent job of keeping straight faces as Frog tried to check that the "customer's" obvious moans of pleasure weren't some sort of seizure.

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