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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Ideas you don't want returning in the dead of the night

You know how it is when ideas rise unbidden from the dark reaches of the brain. Especially in conversations in pubs.

"...it's his wife I feel sorry for. I mean, she's so impatient and he's the way he is..."

"Oh my God... Can you imagine T.Aldous making love to his wife? She'd be on her second cigarette before he'd got his flies open."

Seth tells us that at the Christmas party he got talking to Warner Baxter. Warner pointed out the manager of the council's printing section.

"Maddy's got a burning ambition to shag T.Aldous. Isn't that right, Maddy?"

"Oh aye. I see it as a challenge. A girl has to have a dream to chase."

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