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Friday, April 11, 2008

Journeys beyond the three dimensions

One good thing about the sudden influx of large leather chairs is that there can't possibly be any more boxes of litter coming into the office.

Can there?

I ask Seth.

"He's on at me to shift all the stuff that's left at the old Roadkill Library. It's got to be cleared by June for the new by-pass."

"Is there a lot?"

"Not much. There's about thirty boxes of toys stacked up in the back of Dutch Bend and a pile of boxes of kids' books. Himself's on about bringing about forty boxes of books back here for Bronwyn and Salome to transfer."

"They'll be pleased about that. They're still livid about having to do Noddy and Glass Road despite them being the responsibility of the librarians at Catty and Dutch Bend."

"They've told me that if any boxes come back here they're staying unopened."

One to look forward to.

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