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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


T.Aldous has taken to getting a lift into work and the bus home, being concerned about his carbon footprint (and nothing to do with the council putting up staff car parking charges by 400%, which in turn is all to do with the council encouraging staff use of public transport and nothing to do with this year's budget shortfall).

"It only takes Harry ten minutes to get in," he marvels, "it usually takes me forty-five minutes."

At marvel at this myself: I know from experience that it's a forty minute walk from the town centre to the community centre just down the road from his house.

I've just taken a 'phone call for T.Aldous. It's his wife, wanting to know where he's got to. What happened is that he went for the bus and missed it. This service runs every ten minutes "or better" so he came back to the library to wait for the next one, which was just leaving the bus stop as he got there. So he came back to wait for the next one...

His wife's coming to take him home.

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the.effing.librarian said...

it was a cheap way to get attention, but I really wanted someone to say hi.
oh, and, hi. (my part of the bargain)