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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Carpe diem

PT are off on their service review away day. As a result we have had a group unclench. No having to take 'phone calls for ignorant nits who spend all day leaving messages for people to ring them back and say: "why are they ringing me?" No long wittering discussions about having discussions to talk about thinking about investigating something or other. No bloody stupid questions that elicit exactly the same answers as the last time they were asked quarter of an hour ago.

Eventually, anyway. Once we got T.Aldous' 'phone calls out of the way. He was going to come in before going away but seems to be running late (natch!) and so is ringing in the instructions that he would have issued in person. Maisie is sick to death of him: four 'phone calls so far. Good job the away day session starts at 9.00am...


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