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Monday, November 19, 2007

I've been trying to avoid saying anything about boxes...

Salome and Bronwyn are supervising the packings-up, movings-round and songs around the campfire as Helminthdale Library staff shift stock, shelves and chattels around the bits of the floor that the carpeters aren't working on. They're also covering at the branch libraries in their half of the borough because the staff who would have been covering have either retired or been promoted to branch manager posts elsewhere in the borough.

T.Aldous has told them that, as a matter of priority, they need to do some stock-editing of twenty boxes of stock from Noddy and Glass Road, which happen to belong to the other half of the borough but the three Assistant Librarians on that side don't have time to do the job. T.Aldous is insistent that this stock must be transferred to other libraries for to make space on the admin. floor and on no account must they be withdrawn as we've currently got more booksales on the go than we have libraries open to the public.

Salome opens one box and suggests that perhaps we would be better putting it into a damp cellar and harvesting the mushrooms.

After a summer of new stock famine a van's just brought sixty-nine boxes for the Acq. team to deal with. With the complication that they can't get anyone to tell them what to do with the new stock for Catty, which will be closed for months, or Helminthdale which is closed for a few weeks. So that stock's joining the story packs, audiobooks, foreign books, Books For Sharing, treasure chests, bookmarks, extremely large boxes, Larry Grayson, Jimmy Clitheroe, broken microfiches and a horse blanket.

At least the contents of Catty Library will be going into storage so we won't be having to squeeze that into this place, thank God!

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The Topiaryiest Bunny said...

"Salome opens one box and suggests that perhaps we would be better putting it into a damp cellar and harvesting the mushrooms."

Then you could jettison Helminthdale and be the the Lord of the Rings Library, where this strategy would attract hobbits!