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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Spontaneous generation

Seven new boxes in the corridor that ought to be the fire escape. Nothing new there but these are humongous, the size and roughly the shape, of roll-top desks.

"What the hell are these?" I ask Seth.

"I know where five of them are going but not the others," he replies.

"That's not the question I asked."

"I know, but that's the question I'm worrying about."

It turns out that they're display stands for the Books For Sharing collections, of which we have four. A fifth is going to the new Noddy Library as part of the development of this site, so Mary ordered five stands. Somebody amended the order and added the other two. Only one person has the authority to amend an order once Mary's signed it.

"What on earth is she going to do with those two stands?" asks T.Aldous.

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