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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What a shocking bad hat!

An overheard classic. T.Aldous ambushing a colleague on his last day before three weeks' leave:

"I know you're getting ready to go home and that you're going to be on leave for the next three weeks -- lucky you, I can't remember my leave -- but could you give me the current stock figures for Roadkill Library? I know it's not moving until this autumn but I'm worried that we won't be able to fit all the existing stock in the new library so I need to know how much of each type of stock we're likely to be dealing with. I know it's not ideal asking you now but we need it before you go on leave."

Serves the poor sod right for not buggering off mid-afternoon. Strangely he's not that pissed off, which makes me suspicious.

"You've already got those figures prepared haven't you?"

"The secret of magic is the art of preparation," he replied smugly.

"Is that why you asked me for the under-fives statistics?"

"End of July, you wait," he winked.

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