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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


"What on earth are all these boxes doing here?" shrieks T.Aldous. "I expected them to be out of the way by the time I got back off leave. We need to reorganise this workspace."

"We need to reorganise this workspace," is code for: "I want to budge Frog into the middle of the office so that I can have a waiting area outside my office so that anyone visiting me can sit on settees and have a cup of coffee while they're waiting."
  1. Where are these settees coming from and what budget are they being paid out of?

  2. If people have come over to have a pre-arranged meeting with T.Aldous then he should damn well have the courtesy not to keep them hanging around for half an hour while he prattles on the 'phone with his back to the world.

  3. If we're reorganising this workspace there are a whole heap of higher priorities than his sodding waiting area. Like perhaps somewhere for the Branch Librarians to work, or perhaps something that ensured that Management Group wasn't split over four locations and three floors of this library (teamwork anyone?)

  4. Given his prediliction for commandeering staffrooms and workrooms for private meetings because he can't have them in his office as it looks like a remainder sale in a carrier bag factory how soon before we're all ordered out of the building so's he can have a private meeting on his sofas?

  5. Who's going to be making this coffee then? It was bad enough when he had a secretary but now she's retired and the post gone into T.Aldous' Vacancy Limbo there's nobody left to do it. Clever money's on his asking the Finance Officer to do it because she's not doing anything important like pricing up Book Sale items.

    And that's before we even start asking ourselves the question "what on earth are all these boxes doing here?"

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