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Monday, July 09, 2007

Tote that barge

Seth's been all day shifting shit at the old Noddy Library. This is the stuff that had been sent here then out to Noddy then back again and then back here and finally shifted out again just before T.Aldous went on leave. The library's got to be cleared out (the deadline for clearance was a couple of months ago) so Seth's been given the use of a van and one of the chaps from the council's shifting gang to get the job done.

A nice complication to the job is that we can't afford to take all this gear to Helminthdale's council dump as it's far too expensive so they having to drive over to Pardendale, adding seven miles to each of the eight journeys involved. Not helped by the roadworks: Helminthdale has roadworks simultaneously at each and every junction on the outer ring road at the moment.

Upon his arrival he's met by T.Aldous.

"You've been a long time about it haven't you?"

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