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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Chivalry, if not dead, is unwell

"We've not had a pile of new boxes littering the place this week," I mention in passing to Noreen, thinking this is a good thing too.

"We should have had twenty-five boxes of incoming books. They were to be delivered this morning."

"Where they?" I asked.

"They arrived OK: I answered the door when the delivery man rang. 'Twenty-five boxes,' he said. And he expected me to unload them from the van and bring them in myself! I got the trolley and asked him to lift the boxes down for me. He refused: 'I've not got time for that,' he said. So I told him that in that case he may as well go away again. I've complained to the supplier about him."

Noreen is a not tall lady in her fifties.

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