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Friday, November 23, 2007

Pressing forward into the gathering twilight

Jim is in high dudgeon. Tilly Floss' replacement as Library Secretary starts in a couple of weeks. Already Doreen has put her spoke in.

"We'll need her to cover on the enquiry desk when we're short on staff."

"Nuts to that," says Jim.

"Besides the fact that it would need a rewrite of the job description, it's about damned time someone had the balls to say that we can't open the library due to staff shortages. We keep telling the council we don't have the capacity to staff this many libraries. The Audit Commission said the same. So did the Peer Review Team. What a load of crap."

One also has to ask what quality of service we would be intending to deliver by having the enquiry desk staffed by the Library Secretary. At a time when we're telling the Call Centre managers that their staff couldn't possibly answer enquiry desk-type queries.

I'm reminded of Maybelle Googly's recent verdict on Management Group, concerning another local matter:

"What a bunch of fuckwits."

1 comment:

The Topiary Cow said...

Agreed. When management keeps the doors open and some type of staffing, though not trained nor professional, just to maintain hours of operation despite funding cuts, it just rewards politicians to keep cutting institutions even more.

Cow should like very much to see Libraries and Librarians draw the line.