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Friday, November 30, 2007


Mary and T.Aldous identified the desk that Maybelle Googly will use in her new role as community cohesion thingy, whenever that starts (it wouldn't be the first twelve-month secondment we've had that started in month eleven). It's lucky that Maybelle doesn't need it at the moment as for most of this week it's been covered in a yard and a half of boxes of stock from Catty, Glass Road and Noddy.

It's now also rendered inaccessible by another desk that's been propped up against it.

"That's the new one for Maybelle," says Seth. It's the one that used to be in the corner of the reference library."

"Where's it going?" I ask. Like an idiot.

"It's staying there."

"So where's the old one going?"

"That's staying there, too."

"I should stop asking questions, shouldn't I?"

"It's been a long week."

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