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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Gotterdammerung (indoors if wet)

Backstage Helminthdale Library looks like Santa's warehouse on December 23rd. Backstage Dutch Bend looks like the lumber room from hell. Front of house Carbootsale looks like Christmas has come early to a family who like to collect old furniture. Catty Library is still not empty and some of us are wondering what happened to the story about it all going into storage.

Seth is showing me his schedule of stuff that he's got to shift from Catty to Dutch Bend and Helminthdale tomorrow (bear in mind that Seth is the Helminthdale caretaker) when Milton pops his head into the room.

"Do you know when the upstairs meeting room's going to be cleared out?"

"It isn't. Himself's told me I've got to bring a pile more stuff to put in there tomorrow."

"That's a pity. The place has been booked solid for meetings by external organisations for the whole of next week."

Maybelle Googly's waiting to be told when her secondment starts (she's going to spend a few months being our Community Cohesion Officer)(actually, she's going to spend a few months telling managers that she's now our Community Cohesion Officer and she can't do that job and provide full-time cover on the enquiry desk). A desk has been identified for her; Milton and I have speculated as to whether or not she'll be bought a PC out of the Community Cohesion Funding that's paying for this project or whether we'll be expected to steal one off somebody else, which is the preferred way of resourcing new posts these days. It'll be academic anyway: the desk has been swamped by boxes of stuff that's been taken off the shelves upstairs.

Frog is sitting on boxes of stock and stuff that's been sent his way.

Roadkill moves house around about Christmas, leaving a pile of stock and furniture that won't be making the move and probably coming back here. About the same time, Epiphany Library will be closing for a new floor, which means that all the stock and furniture will need to go somewhere...

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