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Friday, November 16, 2007

With the speed of light and a cloud of dust

Milton's a bit bewildered after the latest news about Roadkill.

"Think about this, Kev, and see if it makes sense to you."

"It won't."

"Don't be negative. We're moving Roadkill Library into the new SureStart complex."


"And we should have been in there a year ago."


"And the delay's caused by indecisions about layout and furniture."


"And there's no network or electricity points available at the counter, which is the one abiding constant in all the plans."


"But we're moving in next month."


"And the SureStart complex is linked to the corporate network via the Community Housing Office on Mulberry Terrace."


"Which closes next month as part of the corporate building strategy."


"So we'll move in a year late and just in time to have the network connections switched off."

"Sounds that way."

"And I am not surprised one bit."

"You have been here a year. You are one of us. Welcome to our world."

1 comment:

The Topiaryiest Bunny said...

Bunny foresees really, really long extension cords in your future.

Along with lots of network wiring hooked up illegally to some building on the street nearby.