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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wobbly fun not withstanding

As I'm coming out of the butty shop I bump into Lindie Minto, one of our Library Assistants, almost literally. She's on crutches, having ruptured her Achilles tendon falling off her husband.

"I'm dead bored. I want to be back at work," she says.

She's on crutches, not entirely incapable. Yet again I wonder about our sickness levels and how our management style massages the figures up to unsustainable awfulness.

Basically, because our managers can't be arsed with the business of personnel management you're either in work and fit to carry bales of cotton all day every day and more besides or you're off sick. So, for instance, if someone had been off on long-term sick any other place, they'd arrange for a period of part-time work and rehabilitation as part of the coming-back-to-work process. We have our "I know you're trying to catch up with your work but can you just..." effort. Similarly, if a senior manager any place else broke her non-writing arm they'd be in work but not doing any lifting activity, or at least offered that option, not off sick for a few weeks. And then they chase people up because they've had a day off with food poisioning! I can't fathom it at all.


Lavinia said...

I can't fathom it either darling. Good thing we don't work in the sulphur mines, although 'mattress tester' sounds more and more appealing as the years roll by...

Kevin Musgrove said...

I don't have the energy for mattress testing.

I have actually been in a sulphur mine. A very testing environment, and I smelled like a box of matches for about a week afterwards.

Lavinia said...

I actually find the smell of freshly lit matches quite alluring.