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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Nothing but apricots for dinner again

Taking a breather from a meeting with corporate Helminthdale I get talking with a friend in the Children & Families Section. She's still fuming from an incident yesterday afternoon.

"Some people... We had a presentation at St. Thora's yesterday. The school had gone to the effort of decorating the place to welcome the guests and the kids had baked especially. Great big chocolate chip cookies they made. And they were really nice. Three thirty we did the presentation. Three thirty, remember that it's important.

"I was going through the feedback forms last night and do you know what they'd said? 'The biscuits were nice but sandwiches would have been better.' Cheeky buggers!"

I'm not remotely surprised. Give them a bun and they'll demand a three-piece suite.

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Lavinia said...

This leaves a taste akin to sour mustard in my mouth!