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Monday, September 08, 2008

Coming soon to this embarassing technical hold-up

Lupin pops over from IT.

"I've a job note here saying that there's a printer to be installed."

"Is there?"

"It says here that it's still in the box and awaiting installation."

The only boxed-up printer I know of is the one that's been sitting in the toilets for the past fifteen months. I go to get it and it's gone.

"It might have gone to Epiphany with the rest of the old stuff," suggests Lupin.

"What old stuff? I thought we were getting new stuff."

"So did I but there seems to have been a bit of a communications failure somewhere along the line between Milton and the project managers. I've got the new PCs and I've set them up but I've set them up for your new booking system not the old one. But the new one's not ready yet."


"Nobody's told you this have they?"

"Let's pretend that they have and I just seeking confirmation."

"It's a bit of a muck up really. But I've got it all up and running on the old kit so they're ready for opening."

And so they are. So long as the hard drives in the staff PCs don't crash again.

I'm now hoping that Catty Library stays shut even longer than expected: all its newer equipment's now at Epiphany. If it opens any time soon staff and public will be sharing the one seven-year-old laptop.

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