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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What fun they have (if given half the chance)

It has been decided that we'll have an all-day, all-staff training day in a couple of weeks to look at communications and marketing. It has also been decided that this will be a good time to unveil our secret communications strategy.

Maudie's been given the job of creating and distributing the invitations. Each delivered in a sealed envelope so that it can be confirmed that each has been dispatched to its intended.

"We're using rather a lot of envelopes in this exercise, aren't we?" I asked Maudie when she gave me mine.

"Let's not go there."


"If you're working that day you've got to go to it."

"So why the RSVP?"

"I am only obeying orders. I don't make up the rules," replied Maudie, who has obviously asked that question before me.

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